Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ka’ana a social network?

Answer:Ka’ana is a private group share library. We are unique that way… we respect and honor the privacy of your data.

Can I contact members of my group using Ka'ana if I do not find what I need?

Answer: We are developing that function for the next release.

What if I wish to share an item with some members of my group but not all of them?

Answer: When you list an item, all members within the selected group can find it. If you do not feel comfortable sharing an item with one particular group member, create a new group with a few select friends and list those items in that private group.

Can I create/join multiple groups and differentiate which of my items each different group can find and borrow?

Answer: Yes.

What is a Share Agreement?

Answer: A Share Agreement is an agreement between the borrower and the lender. It clearly states what the lender expects and that the borrower is agreeable to the expectation. Ka'ana provides one here below. You can use it or you can use it as a guide and create your own Share Agreement.


Can I charge a small fee for the items that I share?

Answer: Sharing for a fee is an agreement between you and the borrower. We at Ka'ana will not advise you as this type of an agreement is outside the scope of our application.

Can I use Ka'ana at my work place or my business?

Answer: Yes.

What if I have another question that is not addressed in this FAQ?

Answer: Please contact us at

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