I needed a truck for a pick-up and delivery the next day. I looked up Ka'ana and found a member who would share his truck. And I was able to complete my delivery the next day. Many thanks to my fellow member's generosity. This experience helped me save money and time.

Charles V, Alameda CA

I just joined my local yarn store's Ka'ana group. It's great for sharing books and supplies. I just borrowed some size US50 knitting needles that I would probably never use again but needed for this one project. This works great.

Kate P, San Leandro CA

We just set up a local neighborhood C.O.R.E. group in Oakland and are able to list all our group emergency supplies. In the special notes we were able to list how to find the supplies so members can have access even if nobody is home. This is a great system.

Tom G, Oakland CA

Ka'ana TS 2013